The Fire At The Gates

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Gates of Fire

Steven Pressfield reports receiving many emails from military readers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Spartan Wit.

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Herodotus remarks that the historical Dienekes was known for wry quips, as Pressfield also portrays him in the novel. Which guides should we add? Request one! Sign In Sign Up. Plot Summary.

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Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Gates of Fire Study Guide Next. The depiction of war is gruesome, chaotic, and vividly imagined — filled with tactical maneuvers and moments of what would surely have been intense, almost unbearable physicality. But by the early s, he was a changed filmmaker.

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He had begun to work more with handheld cameras and fractured perspectives in The Insider and Ali , the latter of which he was hard at work on when he signed on to do Gates. The Greek epic, had it gotten off the ground, might have made for an ideal mix of the Mann of Mohicans and the Mann of later years, for even though Zeo is the ostensible protagonist of Gates, perspective is not limited to just one character.

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It was in active development for several years, but no casting decisions appeared to have been made. After Ali turned out to be something of a critical disappointment we were all wrong about it back then, but I digress , Mann released the smaller Collateral in and went right to work on Miami Vice.

Fire crews battle house fire in Gates

Of course, who knows what would have happened had Gates of Fire actually been made. Maybe the diffuse nature of the story and the characters would have overwhelmed Mann. Maybe the gritty approach to Greek warfare would not have been as successful with audiences as the comic-book aesthetics of But even if Gates had flopped, it might have still been historically momentous: Like the brave, doomed Spartans at Thermopylae who lost their lives but still managed to hold off the Persians long enough, the film might have kept Zack Snyder from making Which in turn might have also had the fringe benefit of keeping Zack Snyder from eventually becoming the man entrusted with the DC Extended Universe of films, an arrangement that currently seems to be a source of frustration for critics and audiences alike.

The course's five audio lessons will ground you in the principles and characteristics of the artist's inner battle. Plus continual videos, freebies, specials and new material throughout the year.

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Gates of Fire. Marines in Iraq passing a slow afternoon. I can tell his story. But again, I was seized.