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About 2, pilgrims travel from all over the Diocese. Another of the pilgrims are voluntary helpers, made up of nurses and doctors, male and female helpers, known as handmaids and brancardiers, and a team of chaplains. A further young people assist as well in the care of the sick pilgrims and many of these are from secondary schools and colleges from around the Diocese. The balance of the pilgrimage is made up of Parish Groups and individuals from every corner of the Diocese. About forty children travel from Dublin assisted by the same number of helpers and a team of chaplains, doctors and nurses.

On this website you will be able to find out more about Lourdes and how you may be able to get more information on any section of our Diocesan Pilgrimage. No other diocesan event brings more people together each year and is a reflection of the great Irish tradition of devotion to our Blessed Lady.

In fact, the Irish have the largest presence in Lourdes, per head of population compared to any other nation. If you need any further information we can be contacted using the details on the Contact Us page above. Bernadette at the Grotto in From this date until the end of the century, there are no records of any group from Dublin travelling to the Shrine, although clergy and laity of the Diocese were no strangers to Lourdes.

The first French National Pilgrimage to Lourdes took place in in which 25, pilgrims were present. The turn of the century saw a great increase in the numbers of Irish Pilgrims to the Shrine. From , Irish pilgrims travelled from Inchicore to Lourdes and Rome, in remarkable numerical strength, despite the cost of travel in those days. In , the Irish Hierarchy organised a National Pilgrimage and many priests and laity from the Dublin Diocese helped in its organisation. A total of 2, pilgrims travelled to Lourdes, of which, were from Dublin.

One pilgrim, Grace Maloney from Co. Clare was cured of a tubercular femur during this Pilgrimage. Canon Turley was also an important member of the National Pilgrimage. However, it was well into , in the period after the war, before organised Pilgrimages began to arrive from Ireland to the shrine. His Grace outlined his proposal in a meeting with Fr. Gough and Mr. John Bolger regarding the route, numbers and air transport for the sick. He advised them that the Lourdes Authorities had been contacted and were ready to receive the pilgrims.

He appointed Thomas Cook as travel agents. On Monday morning August 8 , the first group of pilgrims, including 38 sick, gathered together in St. All were fasting, for remember these were the days of the Eucharistic Fast from midnight.

They continued on to London for an overnight stop. Continuing the next day for Folkestone and Boulogne and then by non-stop train to Bordeaux. Here, there was a short stop for Mass in the Cathedral and then on to Lourdes, arriving several hours later. The journey took almost two and a half days.

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The second group left in the evening after Benediction in St. They had a stopover at Crewe, to collect containers of boiling water to make tea and collect sandwiches. It was then non-stop from Crewe to Paris, where the pilgrims stayed overnight. On Tuesday August 9, a specially equipped Sabena Skymaster carrying 44 passengers, most of whom were stretcher cases, left Dublin Airport at 6.

Gough accompanied His Grace the Archbishop on this, the first Diocesan flight to Lourdes, which took four hours. The plane returned to Dublin to fly the remaining pilgrims and sick to Lourdes. Each flight had a priest, doctor and nurses in attendance for the journey. On arrival in Tarbes, they were taken by motor coach to the Accueil to join up later with the other pilgrims, who had taken the overland route. Staple or glue feathers cut out of construction paper to the headband. Bring gourds and Indian corn for science table and discussion.

Decorate for Thanksgiving If you have Lincoln Logs make a log cabin. Add to your display: Use twigs for trees. Stick them in a small amount of clay to stand up. Make Indian Tee Pees out of construction paper. Draw Indian symbols with crayons on the construction paper and fold into a cone. Make campfires using small stones with small bits of red paper for the flames.

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Corn Plant corn seed discuss how the Indians showed the Pilgrims to plant corn. Pilgrim Fun Make five Pilgrim people and five hats. Then you can play a variety of games with the pilgrims. Count the Pilgrims Talk about how the Pilgrims feel.

Children's Pilgrimage to Jiba Draws 256,000 from Many Parts of the World

Get clues from expressions on their faces. Instruct the children to put the hats on the Pilgrims. The children sit in a circle. Pass, pass, pass the hat. While they are singing, the children are passing the Pilgrim Hat around. The circle. When the song is over, all the children put their hands behind their backs. Pilgrim Luncheon Each year around Thanksgiving, we have a pilgrim luncheon.

The girls come dressed in white shirts and a dark colored skirt.

Thanks, we will send you an email right away.

We make placemats out of construction paper covered with drawings of all we are thankful for, and then cover them with contact paper. We also make a pilgrim shaped hat out of construction paper for the boys, and a white cap made out of construction paper for the girls and attach them by forming bands of strips of construction paper that fit around their heads.

We then have turkey sandwiches, applesauce, and popcorn for dessert. Game Have the children stand in a circle.

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Choose one child to be the pilgrim and stand in the middle blindfold this child. Now you try to get it back. The children stop passing the hat when the poem is completed. The child who has the hat at this point hides it behind his back. The pilgrims tries to guess who has the hat. Motor Skills fine and large motor skills Have the children stand in a circle.

Choose one child to be the pilgrim and stand in the middle. Blindfold this child. Let the other children in the circle pass the hat to each other saying:. Butter Describe an old fashioned churn and tell how butter was made. Or better yet, make some! Pilgrim Feast Explain that the Pilgrims had to learn how to hunt, fish, and grow their own food to survive in America. An Indian friend named Squanto showed them how to plant corn.

The Pilgrims learned a variety of ways to use corn, such as making cornbread, corn pudding, and popcorn. The cornbread was called journey bread since it was easy to take on journeys.

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The small cornmeal cakes were called journey cakes, and later, johnnycakes. Prepare Johnnycakes as a Thanksgiving snack to introduce children to some of the foods the Pilgrims ate.

Measure cornmeal, salt, and sugar into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Measure water and two tablespoons of butter into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil. Pour hot mixture over cornmeal mixture slowly, stirring constantly. When all liquid has been absorbed, add milk. Mixture should be thick. Heat a large griddle or skillet. Add margarine and oil in equal parts to cover surface generously.

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When pan is sizzling, drop johnnycake batter onto skillet from a large tablespoon to make cakes about four inches in diameter. Fry cakes till golden brown and crisp on one side. Then carefully turn to brown other side.

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Serve cakes hot, topped with butter and maple syrup. Makes 12 four-inch cakes. Little Pilgrim The brave little pilgrim Went looking for a bear. He looking in the woods.