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Increase your knowledge of personal finance and financial independence. This course covers: The difference between assets and liabilities. How to spend your money to increase your net worth. How interest, compound interest and inflation work. How they influence your money. We are often told that saving our money is important, but do you know why it is so important to invest for the future? In this course, you will learn: Why it is important so save, when to start saving, what to save for and how to create a savings masterplan that is achievable and affordable, as well as how to keep yourself and your friends accountable when it comes to saving.

Is your financial stress preventing you from living your dream life? This course helps you plan towards financial independence by teaching you how to take control of your expenses with a budget that works for anyone.

This course will teach you how loans and credit facilities work, to manage and increase your creditworthiness, how much credit really costs, what credit reports and credit scores are, how to manage and take control of your debt. Contact us mail hello besmarta.

Contact BeSmarta. Email hello besmarta. Follow us on social media. Take control of your financial future. BeSmarta Personal Finance will help you grow towards your own financial independence. Become money smart. Increase your knowledge of personal finance. Learn what it takes to become financially independent. Learn the importance of saving - when to start saving, what to save for, how to create a savings masterplan. They have professionally assumed responsibility of our people strategy, moving us to the next level.

Almost every month Flex HR, Inc.

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Michael J. In addition to providing resources locally, Flex HR has demonstrated the ability to staff at our Wisconsin and Dallas facilities. As needs develop within Kimberly-Clark, they have always responded quickly and professionally. They are reliable and always put Kimberly-Clark first in their recommendations and advise.

I personally did the HR vendor research before selecting Flex HR and can assure you that I could not find any other vendor who did all that they do for a company. FlexHR keeps us within legal compliance and provides expert and personalized care. Now, as a much larger, national organization, we still rely on the performance of Flex HR.

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These are some of the most common HR opportunities for improvement we see. For anything else, please contact us — we would be delighted to help.

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As with any business asset, people must be managed to support your strategic goals and give you the best return possible. The human part of capital, however, makes it the least standardized function in most organizations. Every business needs a productive, satisfied workforce in order to thrive. But the increasing complexity of human resource laws and government compliance mandates makes it harder to achieve. Flex HR Consultants turns challenges into opportunities with flexible, affordable support for any or all HR functions, including outsourcing , consulting , staff mentoring , and payroll , to name a few.

Whether you have one employee or thousands, we handle your human resources load so you can get on with business. Consistently for the past 5 years, there have been over 50 labor law changes each year, throughout the United States. Flex HR monitors these constantly varying laws and helps you stay in compliance. As human capital value grows, Flex HR helps boards of directors develop key executive total compensation plans, Affordable Care Act strategies, stock option and deferred cash accumulation plans, to name a few.

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Email Address. Phone Number. Search for:. Customized Employee Website Ethics Hotline. February 2, by Steven sieja. HR Consulting. Onboarding Administration. What we offer our clients Flex HR is a HR consulting and outsourcing firm in Atlanta, GA that manages all aspects of human resources without leasing your employees or entering into co-employment.

Discover how we can give you the bigger picture with insights into a changing market. Download our HR Services Brochure. Contact us for a free quote. Why Choose Flex HR?


Flex HR is your one-stop human resources outsourcing services firm, supporting all HR consulting functions. We customize plans for each client, letting you choose as many or as few services as you need as your business evolves. Learn About Our Team. Experience HR Outsourcing.