Ronald Reagans National Convention Acceptance Speech - July 17.1980

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To ord. Miami, Fia. Miami Beach, Fia. The conference in Madrid ,ened with a brief ceremony and pen began despite the lack of an Lnda and timetable. The attitude on the part of the Soviets has brought the con- ference to the present impasse. Riga, Kishinev and elsewhere.

The Jewish Floridian

The letter, signed by those who declared the hunger strikes and by others who did not join the symbolic fast, accused the Soviet authorities of violating agreements on emigration that were part of the Helsinki Accords. Many of us haven't been able to get any response to requests. Very often the reason for rejection is not cited.

Judicial persecution of people 'our countless appeals and applications are simply ignored. Many of us haven't been able to net any response to requests. Very often the reason for rejection is not I cited. Our innumerable letters and statements sent to various organizations at all levels are simply ignored.

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Reacting to the organized protests, Viktor Rrailovsky, well- known Jewish activist and refusenik, pointed out that the hunger strikes have materialized into "the widest demonstration in 10 years We can't control the Madrid Conference; this is all we can do. November Among those the Revisionist Zionists also chose to honor was the Rev. Jerry Falwell, of the Moral Majority. American Jewry's propensity for honoring non- Jews pens a black page in the annals of our history, Zionist and otherwise.

The choices have too often been too slick, too obvious, too pragmatic. Even under the most sophisticated of cir- cumstances, we have had our hands burned. Who will ever forget the darling of the Zionist movement, Dorothy Thompson, who in the end became a vitriolic Israel-hater? If that could not have been easily foreseen, the decision to anoint the Rev. Falwell is clearly a case of award without awareness.

At the same time that Falwell was accepting his medal in New York, in Detroit the Conference of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds General Assembly heard a clear warning about the role of the Moral Majority in the recent presidential election, its intimidating tactics for targeting "enemies" of Christian life and thought, and a reminder that it is Christian fun- damentalism in America today that tells us that God does not hear the prayers of Jews. We can not for a certainty commit the Rev. Falwell to the snakepit of these views although he surely did himself recently refer to the God and Jewish prayer bit in a speech of his own a reference for which he later apologized.

How he divorces himself from the popular theology that the Moral Majority represents is a precarious exercise in pragmatic logic. Wouldn't it have been better to have avoided the medal to him altogether? Instead, he has been cited by a Jewish organization for no other reason than for his recent apology for the slur to Jews.

Reagan's 1984 Presidential Nomination

Church, a primary victim of the Moral Majority and other organizations of this ilk, was right to reject the Centennial Medal. Jews ought to feel ashamed that they have insulted him in this way. And worried that they have the Falwell tiger in their ideological tank. In special services, similar to hundreds of others throughout the nation, a special tribute will be paid to ORT Organization for Rehabilitation through Training , the global movement in Jewish life based on freedom from despair and charity, and freedom to pursue one's own vocation.

Today ORT spells freedom for 75, students, enrolled in some training units in 22 countries, the largest operating in Israel. Over 70 modern vocational and technical skills are offered in its educational program. Each school includes in its curricula, courses in Hebrew.

Jewish history, and Jewish identity. From the most basic level of apprenticeship courses through the comprehensive high schools and the Junior College level curriculum, to the recently dedicated ORT School of Engineering on the campus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, ORT sends into today's industry many skilled technicians prepared to fully contribute to society and the needs of the economy.

And rightly so. Their invasion of Afghanistan is high on the western agenda. Regrettably, so is the exodus of Jews from the Soviet Union, which the Russians have slowed considerably in the recent past. I say regrettably because no one really cares about them, least of all the United States, whose im- migration policy these days is to fawn with obsequiousness on Latins while turning a cold shoulder to everyone else, in- cluding Britons and Germans, once the state diadem in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, but today a Sears Roebuck zircon.

Still, Jews are useful for American crocodile tears at Madrid, and that is precisely what is being shed over them. Add to this the daily-growing arrogance of Arab equations be- tween Judaism and Zionism, and you have a terrifying view of the new order of things, where one- half of the world in the form of some of the free nations pretend to care about the fate of Jews even as the Arab arrogance grows, and as this arrogance is translated into native forms of anti-Semitism the French are a vigorous exception , while the other half is dedicated to Jewish extinction outright.

Little, if anything, of course The paradox at Madrid e tlJ Soviet Union, whose attituJ toward its own Jews is littfl different from its attitude towirfl anyone it seeks to oppress. Butil the matter of the alleged mythtfl the Holocaust, both Jews indujl Soviets know otherwise by biotl experience, and both share hi bitter experience the need to haul the Holocaust understood fo what it was.

IN ANSWER to the Hitlerl Holocaust, the Russians haveeaj slaved Eastern Europe as bulwark against future otl slaughts upon them, and we ml meant to understand that thai most recent assault on Afghan tan is but an extension of th bulwark against aggression the newer forms of "fa capitalist imperialism" ferred to another front.

1980 Republican National Convention

This is not said to excuse i Russians from the inexcusah but to explain their own aggresl sive expansionism in Holocaustitl terms. The Jews, for their pan, no such alternatives avails them to act out their fears, e November 21 Volume 53 Abie Nathan first started tilting at windmills when he was Now, at 53, he re- mains a vigorous, energetic combatant. His steed is a modern ton freighter the "Peace Ship" which has been equipped with a powerful broadcasting transmitter.

And he num- bers his followers in their hundreds of thousands. It was then that he had his first taste of rescue missions, participating in the evacuation of refugees during the partition of India and Pakistan in IN And for eight years after that, he flew as a captain with El Al. In , he opened the highly successful restaurant. The California, and an art gallery in Tel Aviv.

Six years later he ran. But more than You don't need an airplane or a radio station. There are lots of ordinary people who are involved. With his peace campaign well under way, he organized a peace march to Jerusalem, where he erected a monument to peace, and he launched the Shalom Peace Foundation to create an integrated Arab-Jewish school in Nazareth.

The Jewish Floridian

Abie Nathan flew twice more to Egypt on July 25,, and on June 28, He became convinced that the peoples of both nations wanted peace, and when he returned from his trip, he launched his campaign to buy what has become known as the Peact Ship. The mes-. Vou yego l let them know they're ok. West German [plomats have expressed Lcern over the ongoing fiddle East initiative of European Economic ommunity EEC , ogether with Paris, onn has been especially Hive in enhancing this litiative. Other elements mentioned by tame sources arc the war be- -n Iraq and Iran, which has ted European thinking, and new rivalries in the Arab rid which made practically ssible.

Bonn initiated a nor conference of European p Vrah li reign ministers, ex- 11 also wanted the D-Arali dialogui to take up Itical questions rather than miii cooperation, a move I- addil ional effort I Ms. Esther, t 'et me quote you rates. Shamir last weekend met President Karl Carstens.

Ronald Reagan 1980 Republican National Convention Presidential Acceptance Speech

Chan- cellor Helmut Schmidt and his West German counterpart. Hans- Dietrich Genscher. Begin made the statement in an interview with political car- toonist Ranan Lurie just after the U. The interview was pub- lished Nov. But he wished to add to it that Israel is also the most stable ally, since it is a democracy and "is not a country where one bullet can change the whole situation. He thinks "it is a good idea" that American and Israeli troops train together in Israel. He further welcomes Reagan's notion that such training will "show the U. Begin stated in the interview that one "cannot separate anti- Israelism, anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism.

Asked about the pressures suffered by Europe due to dependence on Arab oil. Begin said, "Europe shou. This was re- ported by Kol Yisrael Radio and was subsequently con- firmed by Israeli official sources. The radio report said Sadat had spoken of his order in conversations with President Yitzhak Navon during the latter's recent visit to Egypt. One of them argued privately that for Israel to seem to recon- cile itself to the Egyptian "boy- cott" could produce the precisely opposite effect from that which the Deputy Prime Minister pre- dicted.

It could lead to a harden- ing of the Egyptian "boycott" in an established and accepted practice, the minister contended. Political observers here say the Egyptian ban on Jerusalem is a direct consequence of Israel's recent Jerusalem Law. The Labor Party leadership delegation which visited Cairo last weekend gained the clear impression that Egypt was still gravely troubled by that law and by the possibility of a Golan Heights bill now under discussion among the Knesset factions.

The boycott of Jerusalem comes at a time of apparent progress in other areas of the normalization process between the two countries, with trade and cultural talks scheduled for early December. November21 'Hypocrites! Shamir go to have his picture taken with Carter at the White House three weeks before the election?