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But legislative leaders were remarkably unwilling to look for solutions to the pesticide and pollinator problem, and there is much work still to do. The latest statistics on annual losses of honey bee colonies were just released, and while the losses are lower than in recent years, they are still well above what beekeepers consider sustainable.

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In the face of ongoing bee declines, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture MDA proposed two science-based, reasonable pieces of legislation — both recommendations based on its review of how neonicotinoid insecticides neonics impact the health of pollinators we rely on for our key crops. The bills called for Minnesota to:. From the start of the legislative session, PAN was working in full support of these bills. And we were not alone.

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Across the state, support for pollinator protections is strong and deep. When agriculture committees held hearings on their policy and budget bills, people spoke up loudly for pollinators.

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Farmers who rely on insects to pollinate their crops, farmers who grow corn and soybeans without relying on neonicotinoid seed treatments, beekeepers, and native pollinator experts drove from many parts of the state to testify. But some legislators weren't listening.

And early in the session, lawmakers eliminated all pollinator components of the agriculture bills — and made moves to undermine pesticide rules across the state. All in all, the legislative session is ending with mixed results for our work on pollinators.


Quick win media law Ireland :

Governor Dayton vetoed legislation that would've undermined the Department of Agriculture's authority to regulate pesticide use, and sent it back to legislators for more work. After some language revisions, he signed the bill into law last week. The current agriculture bill includes a few small advances.

MDA is authorized to work on research to minimize the impacts of pesticides on pollinators, but unfortunately language intending to undermine a new "verification of need" program also passed, narrowing the agency's authority to make science-based decisions on pesticide policy.

And in a bait-and-switch move, legislators removed funding for the pollinator protection account and substituted research at the University of Minnesota, which focuses primarily on habitat. This research will likely generate good information about on-farm pollinator habitat, but it leaves a major research gap the state previously identified on pest thresholds for key Minnesota crops — including integrated pest management IPM research on pollinator-friendly approaches to keeping crop yields and farm incomes strong.

Although the state legislature missed a major opportunity to tackle the issue of neonic use — specifically as seed coatings — the science calling attention to the pollinator problem continues to build. Every year, about 9 million acres of neonic-coated seed are planted in Minnesota, mostly corn. Quick Win Digital Marketing is aimed at entrepreneurs, business managers and marketing people seeking a practical approach to digital marketing.

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The book is designed so that you can dip in and out of your top digital marketing questions, as they arise, in five key sections: Digit It provides concise, yet informative, answers to the most frequently asked questions about HR and staff issues in an Irish context. By Kinsella, Stephen.

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Those decisions affect the daily lives of millions of people, f Written for non-lawyers, it will be useful to public relations, advertising, publishing and digital media professionals f By Tierney, Elizabeth P. While you are reading through the answers to your questions, other business people may be discussing Quick Win Public Relations is aimed at businesses and not-for-profit organisations seeking to build and enhance their relationships with key stakeholders across a range of activities, from publicity to managing crises.

It is especially helpful for small and medium-sized enterpris In a meaningful way, this ebook explores complex issues related to leading others, provid By using a simple, effective and internationally-recognised safety management model, entr Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. South Pacific. Title Author. Refine By.

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