Prepare to Meet Your God: Expository Sermons on Amos

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There is a sense in which we may meet God in the study of his wonderful works in nature; in the strange and sometimes startling events of his providence; in the pages of his Word; in earnest supplication at his footstool.

Prepare To Meet Your God

But another special and more solemn occasion is alluded to in our text - even that day when the great white throne will be set, and every man will have to give an account of all the deeds done in the body, whether good or bad. That judgment is certain to come. Even nature seems to point onward to some crisis in the future of our race.

Conscience warns us that sin cannot always go unpunished, for the world is governed by a God of righteousness. Scripture constantly affirms that he has appointed a day in the which he will judge the world by that Man whom he has ordained. It is quite uncertain when it will, come.

Amos - "Therefore thus I will - Verse-by-Verse Commentary

Death will end our time of probation, and no one knows where and when it may meet him. Therefore "prepare to meet thy God. When it comes the trial will be thorough and final. All actions, together with their motives, are under the Divine cognizance. None will escape his notice. This is not because God did not make Himself known, but because they ignored to all that God has said and done.

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God has spoken, but they have not listened. To Meet The unprepared will meet with God just as certainly as the prepared will. The scriptures teach that an interview with God is inevitable. He sent His prophets, and later His son and the apostles, telling men to prepare. He also furnished conclusive proof that the judgment meeting will come.

There will be a thorough judgment of all sinners based on all their sins.

Some make inadequate preparations. Secular education is not proper preparation to meet God. He "was educated in all the learning of the Egyptians, and he was a man of power in words and deeds," Acts but he was still not prepared to meet the Lord when He appeared in the burning bush. We will be no more prepared to meet God in judgment than Moses was with only what man can teach us.

Denial of the afterlife by the arguments of atheism, the self delusion of either rationalism or emotionalism, or the false comforts brought by false doctrines are all equally inadequate.

The Heart of Materialism (1-3)

Even morality, which many practice to the point of penance, fasting and prayer, without the truth that is known only in the gospel, is inadequate. We can never be good enough to meet God on our own terms or accomplishments. By keeping it according to Thy word.

Lacking a single fixed point for their calendar as our calendar has, being fixed relative to the birth of Christ , the Israelites dated events relative to the reigns of kings or to other significant events. In addition, the earthquake, coming two years after Amos's ministry, symbolically confirmed his message The fact that the book is precisely dated to two years before the earthquake suggests that Amos's preaching career was fairly short.

Amos This verse sets the theme of the book: God is like a roaring lion. This symbolically portrays His giving a message to His prophets and His readiness to pounce and attack Amos The first section of Amos is a series of oracles against the nations: Damascus or Syria; , Gaza or Philistia; , Tyre or Phoenicia; , Edom , Ammon , Moab , Judah , and Israel The focus is on Israel, which is last and is given by far the longest oracle.

There are six Gentile nations followed by Judah, the seventh. One would think that this creates a complete list, with seven oracles in all, but Israel comes as the eighth, and thus the tally of her sin is in effect greater than the number seven, which symbolized completion. That is, Israel is the quintessentially wicked nation. Also, the order of the nations slowly tightens around Israel. First is Damascus, to the northeast; then Gaza, to the southwest; then Tyre, to the northwest; then Edom, to the southeast; and next come Ammon and Moab, across the Jordan River to the east; and finally before Israel comes Judah, located immediately south of Israel.

Amos The significance of the expression for three crimes, even four is debated. But it could be translated as "for three crimes, and for [another] four," implying that the number of offenses had reached seven and was therefore complete, requiring judgment.

Damascus regularly struggled with Israel for control of Gilead, east of the Sea of Galilee. It used brutal military tactics there, symbolically described as going over the countryside with iron sledges. Amos Hazael and Ben-hadad were throne names used by all the kings of Damascus. Amos The Philistines captured villages in order to sell the entire populace into slavery. Amos All the major cities of the Philistines Gaza Ashkelon, and Ashdod are mentioned except Gath, which by the time of Amos had already been substantially wiped out.

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Amos Tyre also raided towns to sell the people into slavery, and it did so in violation of treaty obligations. Amos Edom committed border raids probably against Judah in which they exterminated entire populations. Amos The Ammonites sought to exterminate the population of Gilead by slaughtering the pregnant women Amos The fallen booth of David refers to the dynasty and empire of David normally called the "house" of David but here a "booth," symbolic of the pathetic condition of this once-mighty line of kings.

The restoration will take place first at the resurrection of Christ but after that in the eternal kingdom of the new heaven and new earth Rev Edom is representative of the Gentiles that hated and persecuted Israel.

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The point is that some day all nations, however hostile they have been, will submit either willingly or unwillingly. Paul likewise declared that some day every knee will bow to Jesus Php But clearly Amos did not envision simple domination of the Gentiles. Many will be called by My name, implying that they will belong to God. This promise is fulfilled now, as Gentiles all over the world worship Israel's God and Messiah. James understood the passage in this way and cited it as being fulfilled in the mission to the Gentiles Ac James's citation of Am in Ac differs somewhat from the Hebrew because he seems to be loosely quoting from the Greek Septuagint translation of Amos.

Also, the Hebrew word for "Edom" is similar to the word for "humanity" adam , which explains why Amos has "Edom" but James has "humanity. The statement that the plowman will overtake the reaper is hyperbole for fruitfulness and served to assure the people that they would enjoy eternal well-being. God also is patient with us an gives us time to repent, but don't abuse God's grace because we don't know when He will finally bring judgment.

Chapter 4. When Amos saw things from God's perspective, he didn't protest any more. Chapter 7.

Prepare to Meet Your God! - Amos - Dr Mark Hitchcock

Careless soul, why will you linger? Wandering from the fold of God? Hear you not the invitation? O prepare to meet thy God. Conservative notes from Dr Morris who approaches the text seeking it's literal meaning in the context. James Rosscup writes "This work originally appeared in The present publication is set up in two columns to the page with the text of the Authorized Version reproduced at the top.

Scripture references, Hebrew words, and other citations are relegated to the bottom of the page. The work is detailed and analytical in nature. Introduction, background and explanation of the Hebrew are quite helpful. Pusey holds to the grammatical-historical type of interpretation until he gets into sections dealing with the future of Israel, and here Israel becomes the church in the amillennial vein. Be aware of this systematic theological bias as you read his notes on Amos. I do not personally agree with this approach, but include his note because he is a respected expositor of the Scripture.

The covenant land promise finds final fulfillment in the new heavens and the new earth Rev. Joel , James Rosscup writes "Though old this is well-written and often cited, with many good statements on spiritual truths. Users will find much that is worthwhile, and sometimes may disagree , as when he sees the Jonah account as allegorical Ed : See Tony Garland's article on the Rise of Allegorical Interpretation. The message of this book is basically to declare the impartiality of God.