My Arms Stay Open All Night

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I had never used this airport so I was terrified and began crying. She asked me my flight information, then said, "Don't worry, I'll get you there. She got me to the terminal, and I was the last to board. I stayed up all night with my son, then I called the suicide line at 4 a. A friend came by, went to talk with him, and came out with a loaded gun and sleeping pills that he talked him into giving up!

An angel saved him!

These Arms Are Open All Night

At 18, I was in a car wreck. Out of nowhere, a lady in white clothes like a nurse appeared.

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She held a towel to my head stopping my severe bleeding as the firetrucks were coming. She said, "You will be fine now. I looked away and she was gone. I asked the fireman where was the lady. He said, "What lady? That was a foot cliff to the Pacific Ocean. She had said to me, "I heard the accident and was at the beach and came to help you. A blonde lady walked over to me and said, "You are going to be okay, everything will be fine. My mom passed away in June About a month after her death, I was crying a lot. One night, I felt a touch on my arm coming from directly above me. I realized it was my mom, and I felt so comforted.

It was the same exact touch I wanted to give her to say goodbye in the coffin but couldn't. I had an experience where I felt something touching my head in a strange but soft manner. I knew I received a blessing because I was coming from church that day.

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From time to time, I also see this little orb. And for some reason, I just have a feeling it is my angel, and whenever I see it I smile and say, "Amen. It was May , I was not feeling well. Everything seemed to be falling apart. I would spent a lot of time on Facebook and internet. I felt I was challenged by evil spirits. I was feeling like I was dead most of the time. I would see my spirit get out of my body and wondered if my dad would come in a spirit form to bring my soul back to my body. One night, I was coming from my workplace at midnight in a risky place. I prayed that night. I saw a light from above and I collapsed then.

My hands were lifted up by that light. Then, the light danced with me. Ever since then, I am always happy. My non-Catholic friend went to Christmas Mass with me and my family. He said that he saw the angels Michael, Uriel, as well as St. Lucy, St.

Anthony of Padua, and Mary Magdalene. I was uplifted and felt that I was given a gift of having this shared with me. I know I needed healing.

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I wanted help with my emotions and felt I needed them to flow instead of wearing a protective mask or being like a statue. I asked an angel connected with Mount Shasta for help with these blocked emotions. Within 5 minutes, I had tears of gratitude for a dear friend who brought me to this healing meditation. I cried every morning of the long weekend and released many un-cried tears from old pain. I allowed this healing release to begin a new journey for me. It felt odd, not to be embarrassed by my emotional state of releasing. I felt so good to let go. I was so grateful and realized that angels are always here for us if we ask for their help.

What a gift. I had never felt such love, such freedom, and such connection after this retreat. I totally believe in my angel. On the night of November 12, I was praying to my angel to connect with me in my dream as usual. I was woken up by a male voice. The only thing I remember was him saying, "Earthquake between 4 and 5.

What type of sleeper are you?

To my surprise, on November 14, my husband called me around 2 p. Today, I'm a semi-retired veterinarian belonging to our local Guardian Angels group. I developed type I diabetes in , and now I have a lot of faith that Jesus with all His love will always carry me until He needs me at the next level. Bless you all with God's grace and all overpowering love. I have several angels and see them each in different ways. My father is rainbows, my grandma is butterflies. There are orbs in pictures. I know they are there when I photograph them.

They are red and often in shapes of angels. I have been told I have five.

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One day I took my very sick dog, Who, to the vet. We were at a stop light and Who was on my lap getting hugs and love because the day had been tough on my dog. Our light turned green and I began to accelerate. Who coughed and lost breath. I immediately stopped and looked down at him in fear that I'd have to send him back to vet. In seconds, a truck sped through the red light with lightning speed, rocking my SUV. That would have been the end of us. My mouth was open and I gasped, "Huh.

And I said, "Wow, Who, you saved my life with your little cough. He laid his face on my arm as if to thank me for saving his. He is now one of my angels near my heart and at my feet right now. We were in the jungle at Taljai Devi near Pune India , we knew we were lost.

go to link Both of us had almost decided that might have to spend the rest of the night at the jungle, but suddenly from somewhere, a man appeared. His looks were serene in spite of meeting him at that time of day in a jungle. We did not get scared of him at all. He looked so peaceful, there was such serenity on his face. We followed him. Me and my friend both knew that he is either an angel or a man sent by an angel to help us. One of the signs that you have had an angel encounter is if another person with you feels the same way.

And, my friend certainly did. We are so sure that we will never meet or see that man again. I'm sure he wasn't a common man because nobody comes for a walk in that area at p. And, he knew the road, which nobody else would know. When I was taking pictures in my backyard one and a half years ago, I looked to see how the photos appeared.

I found that a great, awesome cloud came down my alley and three UFOs shaped like pyramids were in my backyard. Three men wearing silver suits and silver cone-shaped hats advanced from the UFOs toward me. The one closest to me, about 8-feet tall, had a great smile and reached out as if he was going to hug me. He looked as common as any man except for his silver suit.