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There are several loose ends with the last two assignments. It was impossible to comprehend because there were all these loose ends trailing off.

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The running narrative seems to include many loose ends or unexamined assumptions. Tying up these loose ends will eventually lead to a tighter model. This is a good introductory chapter but there are a few loose ends. No one else could have tidied up five-centuries-old loose ends as he. The old and new threads with which the new social fabric was woven are described, but in a fashion which leaves loose ends. This may perhaps represent a weak argument to a logician but much of science has advanced through loose ends , unexplained observations and so forth.

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The loose ends that dangle from any historical inquiry will, in this case, be longer and looser. The song's final cadence manages to tie up these various loose ends without losing the sense of open-endedness so appealingly maintained throughout. Before proceeding, we need to tidy up loose ends such as the injection of a programme into an initial state, and the concept of a final state.

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It is important to consider that several systems may be compromised in psychosis and review like this one are unlikely to tie together all the loose ends in this field. See all examples of loose ends.

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