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Learn to Slow Dance in All Social Settings without Ridiculous Ballroom Lessons or Routines

While contact can occur anywhere from thighs to heads depending upon the dance, the move, the styling and the physical size of your partner, when making contact in the closed position to improve the dance connection, contact is in the upper body, diaphragm-to-diaphragm. For the reluctant dancer, making contact can be intimidating—too intimate, too awkward and too not-good-enough-to-pull-it-off. To my chagrin, I discovered that to do a graceful dance while stuck together requires some skill—from both partners.

Before I could consistently keep the beat and give a decent lead, I had many awkward, forgettable slow dances. I find that if my partner is also entertaining the notion of a close embrace, our receptive frames will, mysteriously, close the gap. I check her face at this point: Any hint of discomfort and I know to keep some distance.

Making body contact is not inherently sleazy nor necessarily sexual. Depending upon the situation, I may close the normal gap of four to five inches, used in the closed position, to one or two inches to suggest more intimacy. Or I might make very light and minimal contact. By gaining her confidence before making contact, I believe you will get better results than rushing in with the immediate-contact method, which may get you rebuffed for the full three minutes. Besides, people often need deniability— well we started innocently and he was a good dancer and everything so we had this connection and one thing led to another.

Ultimately, whether to make contact is her choice, and etiquette dictates that we respect her wishes. Always be prepared to abort.

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After all, if both partners are into it and if more contact makes the connection better, then the partnership can be strengthened and the dancing can move to a higher level. TIP: Empty your front pockets, especially the front right pocket. Your body will be slightly offset to the left so that your right foot is positioned between her two feet.

How to Slow Dance at a Wedding

As you move in it will be your right side that makes contact first. I find stuff in my pockets distracting.

1. Choose a Danceable Song

So, ritualistically, I empty them before I enter a dance. Or at least I move stuff from the right side to the left or front to back.

Learn How To Slow Dance - How To Slow Dance (REVISED) - Slow Dancing Lesson Beginners, Prom, Wedding

For a serious night of dancing, I James-Bondishly put my keys, cash and credit cards in an ankle wallet. Here are a couple of other options:. Goof around a bit and nobody will care; it may even get praise. If you do it with a stranger, just start with a little separation between your bodies and try to have fun.

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You might be surprised what develops. Did I mention that many women love to dip? It takes time to learn movements and steps, rhythms and syncing up with music. Learning a slow dance will give you that time you need to perfect your balance and become more comfortable with yourself and even with a partner.

Many dancers just want to have fun, so they just jump out on the dance floor and start moving wildly and fast. You only truly learn the mechanics of dance moves in the stillness between the moves.

Which Ballroom Dance is Easiest to Learn?

Fast movements rely on momentum, which can also throw you out of control, disrupting your rhythm, and more importantly, your balance. Slow dancing will cultivate this control and encourage patience. The chief benefit from patience and control is precision. The music is characterized by a stirring Afro-Cuban beat. Mambo is an exciting dance which allows you to develop your own feeling and expression.

Because Mambo is such a fun dance, good Mambo dancers are always popular and in demand as partners. It is the only Latin dance which combines one-step timing with Cuban Motion and therefore is a help to all Latin dances. The march type beat sharpens timing and coordination and the proper use of the accent will develop a clearer interpretation of musical rhythm. Although traveling like a smooth dance it takes many movements from Latin dances such as Samba and Salsa.

Night Club is danced to very slow music that would also be perfect for Foxy. It makes an especially good exhibition routine when the man styles his body movements to look like a bullfighter and leads his partner in and out of the patterns as if she were a cape. Every now and then it is revived because of its boisterous charm.

It was supposed to have been originally created by a Bohemian girl. The basic step consists of a preparatory hop followed by a chase done first to the left and then to the right. Curiously enough, it reappeared in the s along with the Cha Cha and the Swing. It is still dance quite often throughout the country. It is very popular in Europe as a competition dance. The Cuban Motion is essential in most of the Latin dances.

The Rumba is used by good dancers everywhere and provides interesting variety suited to a limited space. Neat, attractive, precise footwork gives you confidence in your dancing. A true nightclub dance that easily fits onto a small crowded floor.