Knowledge and Reality: Selected Essays

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Epistemology: Internalism and Externalism Blackwell, Pieces by Bonjour, Goldman the second of the two , and Conee and Feldman. Understanding Is understanding a species of knowledge? Epistemic Value OUP, Hume, David. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Skyrms, Brian. Choice and Chance: Introduction to Inductive Logic 4th ed. Some attempts at resolution: Cleve, James Van. Ramsey, Frank Plumpton. Must the testifier know?

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Introduction and Chs. Lackey, Jennifer and Ernest Sosa, eds. The Epistemology of Testimony Clarendon, Pieces in Part III. The significance of testimony in wider contexts: Goldman, Alvin, I. Knowledge in a Social World Clarendon, Pieces in IV and the piece by Moran in part V. Composition and constitution When do things put together make another thing?

On the Plurality of Worlds Blackwell, , pp.

Quality and Content: Essays on Consciousness, Representation, and Modality

Markosian Ned. Zimmerman; Blackwell, Rosen, Gideon, and Cian Dorr. Richard M. Gale; Blackwell, Van Cleve, James. Are a whole and its parts identical? Gibbard, Allan. Rea, Michael. Natural and social kinds How do we know whether there are natural kinds? Reason, Truth and History Cambridge, Preface, Chs.

Peter Clark and Bob Hale; Blackwell, The existence of non-natural kinds: Haslanger, Sally. Lowe, E. Maarten Franssen, Peter Kroes, et al. Change Lowe, E.

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A survey of metaphysics OUP, How can a thing change while remaining to be the same thing the problem of temporary intrinsics? Do linguistic considerations show there are events? And are actions events? Hacker, P. Events and processes: Crowther, Thomas. Stout, Rowland. Properties universals Armstrong, David M.

Universals: An Opinionated Introduction Westview, Mellor, D. Properties Oxford Readings in Philosophy. OUP, George Pitcher; Macmillan, Dilman, Ilham. Note: alternatively, one may write on aesthetic properties, for which a list of readings is available upon request. Causation Counterfactual analysis and interventionist theory: Kim, Jaegwon. II OUP, These chapters are long.

For a briefer introduction, see Woodwad, James. Anscombe, Volume II Blackwell, Davidson, Donald. John D. Secondary qualities What kind of property is a colour? Values and Secondary Qualities. Railton, Peter. Noonan, Harold W. Personal Identity Routledge, Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title.

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Selected Essays. Scrinium Classical Antiquity Aalten, Netherlands. Published by Oxford Univ Pr Revaluation Books Exeter, United Kingdom.

Oliver Pooley, Oxford Philosophy

Published by Clarendon Press It seems fitting to close this review with the concluding words of high commendation addressed to him by the Argentinian Society of Writers on the occasion of the appearance of the Theory of Man: "Se premia a un hombre, a una obra, a una conducta. Selected Essays. By Martin Buber. Edited with an Introduction by Maurice Friedman.

knowledge and reality

The present volume contains the English translations, previously published, of six anthropological essays of Martin Buber, which had appeared originally in German. As an Appendix has been added the unpublished text of a discussion between the late Martin Buber and the psychologist Carl R. Rogers, in April An introductory Essay by Maurice S. Friedman intends to set these essays in the context of Buber's philosophy of dialogue and "to show their interrelations and their significance for other fields of thought" p.

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Both the Introductory Essay and the translated texts had been seen by Buber before going to the press. Broadly speaking, these essays concern the distinctive features of man, and the reality of the dazwischen p. No specific texts on religion and knowledge have been included in this collection, its purpose being to present Buber's "philosophical anthropology" p.