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Book 7, American Family Portrait series.

In one afternoon the Morgans face the possible extinction of an entire generation. Words: 27, Published: September 30, When they get off to a bad start, she waits for the right time to break her news. In the meantime, they continually run into each other and attraction sizzles in this heartwarming, emotion packed, Christian romance. The Distant Shore by Debora M. Words: 68, Published: October 22, by vinspirepublishing. Mysteriously banished to live with demanding Aunt Augusta on Florida's remote, untamed Merritt island of , young Emma-Lee Palmer discovers a dark family secret.

Befriended by a kindly sea captain, Emma-Lee and Aunt Augusta discover courage, renewed hope, and the importance of family in this transcendent story of healing and redemption through God's unconditional love. Published: September 20, by Highland Press Publishing. The Christian version of the award winning Highland Wishes Book 6, American Family Portrait series. World War I comes suddenly to the Morgans when Katy and her mother survive the sinking of the luxury liner Lusitania, torpedoed by a German U-boat.

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Her brother Johnny distinguishes himself as an aviator, attached to a elite French squadron. In a series of ill-fated events, both find themselves behind enemy lines. Published: December 16, by Gold Crown. Now available as a trilogy bundle box set, all three books in the Longren Family series. Published: December 30, Brides of Cedar Creek is a Bundled Box Set, covering all four books in this complete Christian historical romance series written by award-winning author Mildred Colvin.

Words: 88, Published: March 17, Louis to the wilds of Southern Missouri. She awaits rescue by her city beau, only he doesn't come. Then she meets Aaron Stark and the lies she believed begin to crumble. Aaron Stark falls in love with Cora as soon as he sees her, but she'll never love him because he can't read nor write.

"Giving Love" The Cottonwood Series Author Sophie Dawson

He's only a dirt-poor farmer. Published: September 13, A young man seeking adventure and glory. An ruthless bishop driven to root out nonconformists. A quiet Puritan village with a secret. A worldly young Englishman finds love and a faith worth dying for among the very people he has been sent to destroy. It's one of my favorites in the series, and one of my favorite novels! Book 4, American Family Portrait series. Emotions erupt between the Morgan and Cooper families when the Morgan boys run slaves during a reunion with their Southern friends.

As national tensions escalate, the boys from both families march to war on opposite sides of the conflict, only to find themselves under attack by a common enemy with a blood feud. Words: 57, Published: April 13, Deborah Asberry's father says she must marry a man with two children that she doesn't know. If only she could love and know the love of a gentle man, but she's never disobeyed her father. Dane Stark needs a mother for his children, but fears childbirth.

Their marriage will be one of convenience only. But Deborah harbors a secret that could tear apart their budding love. Words: 49, Published: March 31, A tale of John Adams, 'Bounty' mutineer who redeemed his early criminal life by leading a community to peace and harmony. Published: May 21, by Highland Press Publishing.

Miranda Wellborn journeys to Norway to explore visions from recurring dreams. Oct 11, Mary Jane McLeod rated it it was amazing.

Great series Another great book in a great series. I loved Drew and Kate's story and look forward to the next book. Apr 20, Jessica Miller rated it it was amazing. There is a lesson to be learned in each book! Nov 12, Elizabeth West rated it really liked it.


The love story between Drew and Katie was hard to put down. Jun 12, jan hakes rated it really liked it. I found this series very enjoyable. The stories were sweet with HEA's and a few plot twists.

May 14, Deanna Gottreu rated it it was amazing. Giving Love by Sophie Dawson is the third book in the Cottonwood series and is a touching story of love between a man and a woman and of the love of parents for their children.

"Giving Love" The Cottonwood Series Author Sophie Dawson 05/17 by Penelopes Book Chat | Books

Drew is at the cemetery to ask a huge favor of Katie. She agrees to feed Annie and to care for Joel who is three years old and missing his mama terribly. Drew eats all his meals at home and spends as much time as possible with Joel but he sleeps at the jail at night so that there will be no gossip in town about him and Katie. The arrangement works just fine and then one day Joel in all his three year old wisdom suggests that he and Drew marry Katiemama.

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After lots of soul searching by Katie and Drew, they decide to get married but both are sure that they will never love again. Drew is trying to solve several petty thefts that are happening in the town but is having absolutely no luck in catching the thief. Only old and worn out clothing and food are taken. Aggie decides that she will solve the mystery and in her typical take charge way she begins by putting a plate of food and warm clothing on her back porch railing at night.

After a few nights she manages to catch the thief. Will not say more about the thefts but will say that solving the mystery brought great joy to Aggie. Aggie gets a wonderful surprise when her brother, David Nathaniel Ryder II, comes to town with his wife and grandson. He is known as Nugget Nate because of all the large gold nuggets that he found in his gold mine.

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He is one of the richest men in America but to see him and hear him talk you would think he was just a poor, uneducated, and maybe even a little simple minded mountain man. He might talk as if he were uneducated but he has business savvy that is not taught in any school and every business venture he undertakes just adds more millions to his fortune. As with the first two books in this series, the author did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life and the characters from the first two books show up in this book also. And the scenes in the book were so real that I felt as if I were right in the middle of what was going on.

She has a special ability for developing the character and dialogue of young children. Little three year old Joel stole my heart with the first word out of his mouth. The dialogue of Nugget Nate made for lots of good laughs.

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One character that everyone in town disliked was Beulah Taylor, the wife of the bank owner. She was a first class snob and a down right mean gossip. The person and action that finally reached Beulah and brought about a change in her life was one of the highlights of the story but I do not want to reveal what happened for I do not want to spoil the story. Not only does the story have romance but there is nerve wracking suspense when Katie is injured in a fall in the kitchen when Joel bumps into her.

The love of God, forgiveness, and the power of prayer are an important part of this story. I would suggest that one read the first two books before reading this one for I think they are more enjoyable in order. Unless you are one of those readers who never cries when reading a book, I would suggest that you have a box of tissue close at hand. A big thank you to the author, Sophie Dawson, for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Dec 31, George McVey rated it it was amazing. Giving Love is the third book in Sophie Dawson's Cottonwood series. Like the two before it this book is filled with gems of wisdom and life lessons. This story is an emotional roller-coaster of a tale. In other words ladies and gentlemen, have the tissues handy and know you may just spew your drink out of your nose a few times.

Giving Love

This story centers around Sheriff Drew Richards and the before unknown character of Katie Reed Katie lost her husband and infant son in a fire and Drew has just lost his w Giving Love is the third book in Sophie Dawson's Cottonwood series. This story centers around Sheriff Drew Richards and the before unknown character of Katie Reed Katie lost her husband and infant son in a fire and Drew has just lost his wife Rachel in childbirth leaving him with a young son and an infant daughter.

The daughter may die as well without a wet nurse and as hard a request as it is he must ask Katie to fill that need. Not wanting to see him go through what she has Katie agrees even knowing how difficult it will be for her. This is a tale of falling in love a second time.

Looking at how God uses all situations for his good and glory. It is interesting to watch as Katie and Drew interact to each other. How the marry for the sake of Drew's children then fall in love without realizing it. Dawson has once again crafted characters that seem so real you don't want to stop reading because you want to know what happens next to your new friends. The secondary plot and story inside giving Love is also attention catching. Watching Aggie struggle to be a christian woman when her mountain ways dictate vengeance is interesting and getting to meet some of her family and watch them interact with the society of Cottonwood is great fun.